Onesource Consulting’s Ultimate “Referral Reward” Program

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Referral Rewards

ONESOURCE CONSULTING’s Ultimate “Referral Reward” Program

Our Recruiters/Career coaches are in contact with you regarding various job opportunities and many of you are providing us resumes as a referral resume from your friends/professional network. And thanks for the same.

If your “referred candidate” is selected by our client and finally once he/she joins the concerned job, you will be rewarded with €500 as a onetime referral bonus, subject to below norms.

Pls visit and share the relevant profiles to or the recruiter you are in touch.

Norms and conditions:

  • You can refer any number of candidates to us.
  • The person who refers the referral candidate would be eligible for the €500 referral bonus provided the referred candidate completes a minimum of 3 months of work with us/end client of OneSource (or the equivalent of 67 days of work).
  • The referral needs to lead to employment of the candidate within 4 months. In case, it takes longer, OneSource would not be required to pay the referral bonus. Let us explain this with the help of a scenario:
    Suppose John referred Mary 5 months ago (and it did not lead to any employment/closure) and if Mary responds to our job posting/ad today or OneSource contacts her directly for a role today, John would not be eligible for the referral bonus.
  • The referral bonus would be paid in two phases: €250 will be paid when the referred candidate joins the project formally. The remaining €250 would be paid after 3 months (when the 67 days of work has been completed with the end client).
    In other words, the first instalment of the referral bonus would be paid only if the referred candidate actually starts working with us/our end client. If the candidate leaves us prior to the payment of the second instalment of the referral bonus, the second instalment would not be paid.
  • The referral bonus is applicable only for the first placement of that candidate and NOT for any of the subsequent placements of that particular candidate.
  • The referral bonus would not be applicable if the referred candidate had already been introduced to us by some other way or had previously applied for a position/role at OneSource.
  • In case if a consultant (for example “Mary”) is referred by more than one person (and if finally Mary joins the concerned job), the person who referred Mary first, would be eligible for the referral bonus.
  • Before referring a candidate to us, pls take the concerned candidate’s consent. To keep the records straight, the CV of the referred candidate should reach us by email ( or the concerned OneSource recruiter you are in touch) so that we are clear who has referred and the date of referral etc.,
  • OneSource’s decision would be final, in the event of any dispute.
  • Legal Disclaimer
    OneSource management reserves the right to change/withdraw this scheme at any point of time, with no liability for any future payments.
Permanent Placing
Permanent Placement

Apply today and speak to one of our experienced OneSource Consulting Recruiters.

Contracting / Freelancing

Become a part of the OneSource Consulting Team. We will place you with one of our renowned customers to work on exciting and innovative IT projects.

Projects Outsourcing

We ensure the satisfaction and highest levels of certainty through our strong commitment to our clients.

Our Process


We know that time is important to you. That is why we handle many of the details.

Debrief Clien
/ Candidate

After interviews are complete we talk with both client and the candidates to obtain feedback and initial reactions.

Offer Stage
/ Negotiations

We are able to guide you through the offer stage. This information helps our clients enjoy more candidate acceptances.

follow up
Follow Up

We follow up with the client and candidate throughout the guarantee period to make sure everything is going well on both sides.

client evaluation

Depth discussion with the client in order to determine the required skills and experience of the successful candidate.


This critical first step involves an in-depth discussion with the client in order to determine the required skills and experience of the successful candidate.

refrence checking

This extra step ensures that the resulting hire is right for your organization.


Before you review candidates, OneSource Consulting thoroughly qualifies each one person.